My name is Danielle, I’m the founder and creator of “Bohemian Princess” and I’m pleased to launch this website along with this first blog post, of which there will be many more. The idea to create “Bohemian Princess” was born out of a desire to share a unique selection of bohemian inspired gemstone jewellery with others. I seek to provide only the highest quality stones in my collections, working with designers, jewellery artisans & gemstone suppliers from around the world; from right here in Australia, to Arizona, India and the Caribbean, always looking for that special piece that will connect with its rightful owner.

My selection includes beautiful stones such as; amethyst, moonstone, lapis lazuli, garnet, larimar, topaz, agate, jade, onyx, quartz and amazonite. Each piece carefully handcrafted and adorned with unique details… each fit for a princess.

This blog is a labor of love for me! It is an opportunity for like-minded people all over the world to connect, share, and be a part of a community that speaks directly to them! My ideology to life is simple; “Live Your Life by Your Design!” No one else’s, be unconventional! Only you have the ability to be you; expression through personality, clothing, art, jewellery, and spirituality. I have found that many people are bound by what they have been taught, as opposed to who they are. This site allows you to remove those constraints and connect on a totally different level. There is no systematic approach or strategy to my blog. It is about connecting, an extension of my social media pages to host a much larger audience. We are going to go in-depth on a lot of items, if you are a fan of my Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter page you will know that a lot is written on everything “Bohemian.” That will certainly extend here to this site.

I decided to create a blog to share my passions with people. To connect with people that hold the same passions as I. Bohemian Princess is about living and seeking to be healthy in body, mind, spirit, and soul. It is about my journey to discover the true freedom, truth, and beauty in the world all around me and to hear from those that are seeking the same.

My special affinity is found in unique gemstones and crystal jewelry. It is goes beyond the actual pieces; it is about the energy inherent in the stones themselves. I love connecting people with that energy and finding the rightful owners so that they may connect with the energies that are calling to them. I encourage you to view all the amazing gemstone jewellery pieces in the Bohemain Princes store, that way you can see and feel the power of these amazing pieces first hand.

This is more than a blog. It is a community, as I have mentioned. I want people to engage with me and others on this site and all the social media sites I have listed here. Comment if something is on your mind and in your heart, share with everyone or myself personally. There is amazing energy created when people share … a community of like-minded people is born! It is a work in progress, a journey I invite people to come on with me as I discover new horizons with Bohemian Princess.